The Harlem Dreams are led by Entrepreneur Ray K. Morris and Funnyman, showman Harold “Lefty” Williams. We are an exhibition show basketball team that tours all over the world. Every show includes incredible athleticism, entertainment and comedy.

Harlem Dreams Mission

Promote professional achievement, entertainment, comedy, strong leadership capability, self-discipline, teamwork and excellence in athletic performance.

Provide the entire audiences with a source of community pride.

Generate positive visibility in the public media and use this visibility to communicate the Harlem Dreams’ vision, mission and values.

Goal I: To comply with both the spirit and the law of all lands guidelines.

Goal II: To enhance values in the total development of our professional staff through athletic achievement,engagement in the life of the communities and leadership development.

Goal III: To set high standards for professionals.

Goal IV: To enhance the visibility of the Harlem Dream through our professional character.

Goal V: To serve as a bonding force in cities and countries.

Goal VI: To implement a plan to achieve our goal of global success.

Unquestionable Integrity

As a professional show basketball organization, our primary goals are the positive mentality and professional development of our basketball organization. These commitments will be consistently measured by our exceptional administration of our players and rules compliance by our staff.

Service Minded

As a professional exhibition basketball organization, we support and foster the development of people devoted to the pursuit of a common good that transcends the interests of particular individuals or groups.

Focused on Dreaming

As an exhibition basketball organization and a major source of pride, people and dreamers; dreaming is the key component. Everyone that is part of our family, our team will strive to win.

Goal I: To set high standards on winning spirits.

Goal II: To enhance the visibility of show basketball through sports, entertainment and comedy.

Goal III: To develop and implement a plan to provide the necessary support to achieve the established goals.

Determined to be Involved

The Harlem Dreams will play an integral part throughout greater parts of the United States, and Canadian communities and abroad. Athletic opportunities are vehicles to heighten personal development. When complemented with intense community involvement, we believe that the benefits of the Harlem Dreams participation will be available to as many residents and friends as possible.

Goal I: To increase the number of supporters and spectators actively engaged in our organization.

Goal II: To support and promote opportunities for diverse entertainment operations and staff within the cities and countries.

Goal III: To support and promote family entertainment for youth and their parents leading to opportunities in professional sports and life.